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Professional Organizers in Santa Rosa, California (Sonoma County)

Full Sail Organizing
Santa Rosa, CA
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Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed about getting organized? You know getting organized will make your life easier but you just can't find the time, the energy, or both at the same time, to make it happen. Do you need help downsizing or just shedding old things that are holding you back? Maybe you're hoping to move and are faced with a lifeti... See More

Highlights: Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Estate And Garage Sales, Moving Support, Moving and Packing, Small Business, Organizing Collections, Lofts And Apartments, Event Planning, Game & Play Rooms, Craft Rooms, Moving Planning & Preparation, Office Organization, Packing & Unpacking Services, Consignment, Photo Organization, Purging Closets & Drawers, Laundry Room, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, holiday Decorating, Short Term Or Long Term Help
Laurie Light
Santa Rosa, CA
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Laurie Light is a Sonoma County native and has been a professional organizer for more than 16 years servicing Sonoma and Marin Counties. She loves helping people simplify their lives.

Laurie is a pro at de-cluttering a room. She will help you with the process of deciding what to keep and what to purge. Rest assured she will not toss out anythin... See More

Highlights: Home Offices, Tips For Maintaining Organization, Space Repurposing, Large And Small Areas, Craft Rooms, Office Organization, Small Spaces, Pantries, Sorting, Public Speaking, Residential Organizing, Laundry Rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Basement Organization & Decluttering, Living Room, Listen To Clients' Needs And Concerns, Bathrooms, Home And Office Organization
HansenResource Organizing
Santa Rosa, CA
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Imagine an organized home without the stress of cluttered and disorganized spaces.
Where do you begin? Experienced, efficient, non- judgemental and capable, Margo can help. Call 415.302.6750.

* As a licensed therapist (MFT 20088) and retired Social Worker, Margo approaches each individual with empathy, listens carefully to their needs and wor... See More

Highlights: Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Messy Bachelor Pads, Petaluma, I Work In The Whole House If Necessary., Phone Sessions, Http://, Purging, Downsizing, CA MFT License 20088, Moving Support, Expertise with OCD, Move-ins & Move-outs, #decluttering, #de-Cluttering, #clutter, Organizing Collections, Filing & Storage Systems, Moving and Packing, De-Clutter, Paperwork Organization & Management, Sorting And Packing Homes For Moving, Space Clearing
Gina Burdette - Get It Organized
Santa Rosa, CA
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I’m Gina Burdette and I've run my business Get It Organized since 2004. I’ve been committed to being the best at what I do for my clients, by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. I work in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties and my mission is to offer creative customized organizing, decorating or home staging solutions tailored ... See More

Highlights: Laundry Rooms, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Bedrooms, Teens, Memorabilia Storage, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Pantries, Small Spaces, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Living Room, One Room Or The Whole House, Move-ins, Kitchens, Paperwork Organization & Management, Craft Rooms, Large And Small Areas, Residential Organizing, Packing & Unpacking Services, Combined / Blended Households, Holiday Decor & Storage

Visit Amy Brueske's website at for more information about her services. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in your home or office? Do you lack the time, skills and/or motivation to get organized on your own? Amy Bru... See More

Highlights: Filing & Storage Systems, Home Organization, Children's Rooms, Pantries, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Memorabilia Storage, Home Offices, Coordinating Dual Residences, Small Business, Hoarding Help Specialist (Cleanup, Coaching), Small Spaces, Combined / Blended Households, Craft Rooms, ADD/ADHD Expertise, Holiday Decor & Storage, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Baby Boomer Downsizing, Bathrooms, Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Move-ins
Donna Declutter
Santa Rosa, CA

We take a gentle, practical approach to helping you with getting organized. Whether you are moving, packing, unpacking or need help cleaning out closets, garages, etc., we can help. We also help with organizing offices, paperwork, computer work and... See More

Highlights: Home Offices, Office Organization, Attics, Students, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Coordinating Dual Residences, Home Organization, Pantries, Paperwork Organization & Management, Teens, Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Wine Inventories And Organization, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Memorabilia Storage, Small Business, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Move-ins, Filing & Storage Systems, Residential Organizing, Move-outs

Visit Grace Brooke's website at for more information on how Grace and her team of Efficiency Specialists can help YOU simplify and thrive.

**Grace offers a 100% money back guarantee on their project-based work!**

Grace and h... See More

Highlights: Combined / Blended Households, Small Business, Space Planning, Craft Rooms, Hoarding Help Specialist (Cleanup, Coaching), Organizing Workshops, Phone Sessions, Children's Rooms, Personal Coaching, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Students, Holiday Decor & Storage, Move-ins, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Kitchens, Home Offices, Pantries, Public Speaking, Coordinating Dual Residences, Productivity & Time Management Coaching
Gretchen Johnsrud
Santa Rosa, CA

Do you feel like your drowning in your home? Would you like to trade chaos for clarity and peace? My desire is to bring you to a place of fuller freedom and joy by helping organize spaces in your home to make it a place where you love to be, and no... See More

Highlights: Relocation, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Phone Sessions, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Office-Home And Business, Office Organization, Move-ins, Tips For Maintaining Organization, Public Speaking, Bathrooms, Move-outs, Downsizing, Productivity & Time Management Coaching, Non-profit Organizations, Coordinating Dual Residences, Decluttering & Reorganization, Pantries, I Work In The Whole House If Necessary., Kitchens, Moving Planning & Preparation
Sweet B Organizing
Santa Rosa, CA

Sweet B Organizing, serving Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, reflects Meghan LeBaudour's passion for beautifully organized spaces. Meghan’s 16 years working in the apparel industry challenged her to create order within the fast moving world of appa... See More

Highlights: Small Spaces, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Small Business, Office Organization, Bedrooms, Paperwork Organization & Management, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Decluttering & Reorganization, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Filing & Storage Systems, Kitchens, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Custom Storage And Design, Craft Rooms, Home Organization, Home Offices, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Children's Rooms, Productivity & Time Management Coaching
Clearvue Organizing
Santa Rosa, CA

My goal is to help my clients reclaim their domain. I believe that less is more and that the basic principal of like with like will always bring about greater clarity and ease in any household. My experience as a professional organizer/personal assis... See More

Highlights: Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Pantries, Living Room, Filing & Storage Systems, ADHD, Move-outs, Craft Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Move-ins, Bathrooms, Memorabilia Storage, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Small Spaces, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Office Organization, Decluttering & Reorganization, ADD/ADHD Expertise, Basement Organization & Decluttering

The process of transforming your home or office from unorganized to organized results not only in taking care of your belongings but also taking care of yourself. My clients express that my process is therapeutic, healing, and frees them of uncomfort... See More

Highlights: Residential Organizing, Attics, Home Organization, Filing & Storage Systems, Productivity & Time Management Coaching, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Kitchens, Small Spaces, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Laundry Rooms, Students, Memorabilia Storage, Organizing Workshops, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Holiday Decor & Storage, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Move-outs, Pantries, Coordinating Dual Residences, Residential Organizing And Downsizing

Are you downsizing to move into smaller quarters? Staying put, but need more space more comfort and efficiency? Kimberlee Foster, owner of Chucket, offers decluttering, downsizing and move management services for boomers and seniors. Kimberlee unders... See More

Highlights: Office Organization, Consignment, Labeling, People Feel Good In Their Homes Again!, Certified Professional Coach (CPCC), Pantries, Moving, Organizing Collections, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Personalized Organizational Solutions, Space Planning, Home Organization, Moving and Packing, Kitchens, Life's Transitions, Living Room Organized, Consultations For Do-It-Youself, Coaching, Sorting, Productivity & Time Management Coaching
Santa Rosa, CA

For all your organizational needs go to to Simplify Your Life!

Highlights: Errands, Home Organization, Pantries, Attics, Filing & Storage Systems, Small Spaces, Organizing Workshops, Wardrobe Consulting, Bedrooms,, Hoarding Help Specialist (Cleanup, Coaching), Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Home Offices, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Holiday Decor & Storage, Students, Productivity & Time Management Coaching, Custom Storage And Design, Small Business, Staging For Living

All Squared Away has been organizing homes and businesses for over 10 years. We love that every job is unique and we handle each one with a gentle, nonjudgmental approach. We service Sonoma & Marin County as well as SF and Berkeley areas. We offer a ... See More

Highlights: Decorate Spaces, Space Planning, Craft Rooms, Personal Assistant, Interior Design & Re-design, One Room Or The Whole House, I Work In The Whole House If Necessary., Custom Storage And Design, Tips For Maintaining Organization, People Feel Good In Their Homes Again!, Residential Organizing, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Small Spaces, Decluttering & Reorganization, Children's Rooms, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Move-ins & Move-outs, Virtual Administrative Support, Holiday Decor & Storage, Furniture Placement Consulting
Maggi To The Rescue
9 miles from Santa Rosa, CA

What sets me apart is I am, literally, Maggi, To The Rescue. For over 10 years I have provided excellent service to busy executives and homeowners around the San Francisco Bay Area. Services I provide include PA/concierge and professional organizing... See More

Highlights: Space Planning And General Consulting, Goal Setting, People Feel Good In Their Homes Again!, Whole House Organizing, Relocation Organization, Computer Training, Vacation & Seasonal Homes, Office, Office Organization, Small Spaces, I Work In The Whole House If Necessary., Office-Home And Business, Combined / Blended Households, Organizing Collections, Extreme Clutter, Living Room, Short Term Or Long Term Help, Non-profit Organizations, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, As A Professional Organizer I Can Help You Reach Your Goals!
Organized Mix
16 miles from Santa Rosa, CA

Organized Mix is a residential and commercial professional organization company. Clutter impacts the way you feel about your space and your productivity.
Organized Mix will partner with you to transform your space with unique organized and storages ... See More

Highlights: Artist Studio Organization, Personalized Organizational Solutions, Organizing And Managing Your Move, Moving Planning & Preparation, Space Repurposing, Interior Redesign With What You Own, Home And Office Organization, Moving and Packing, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Holiday Decor & Storage, Organizing And Decorating Using What You Already Have, Children's Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Custom Storage And Design, Photo Organizing, Small Spaces, Moving Support, Custom Closet Design, Green and Eco-Friendly Organizing, Memorabilia Storage
Katie Meligan at ProHome Assistance
16 miles from Santa Rosa, CA

If you have a space that is just your eyesore, or causing you to stress out, that is where I shine. If you need to create a better use of your space, get rid of things and don't want to deal with where, CALL ME. I specialize in declutterization, all... See More

Highlights: Craft Rooms, Filing & Storage Systems, Move-outs, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Relocation, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Residential Organizing, Recycling, Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Office Organization, Home Offices, Home Staging (Homes for Sale), Attics, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Decluttering & Reorganization, Home Organization, Memorabilia Storage, Residential Organizing And Downsizing
Donna Till
16 miles from Santa Rosa, CA

How often do you think to yourself “I have got to get organized!”? I can help! Call 'Till You're Organized!'
As a Professional Organizer it's my job to make your life easier at home and/or work.
Being organized offers the satisfaction... See More

Highlights: Non-profit Organizations, Personal Assistant, Bathrooms, Home Organization, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Downsizing, Craft Rooms, Errands, Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Professional Labeling, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Member, Decluttering & Reorganization, Kitchens, Teens, Home Offices, Office Organization, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Children's Rooms, Move-ins
16 miles from Santa Rosa, CA

Specializing in those persons moving into new spaces and organizing storage areas/closets and garages.

Highlights: Executor Assistance, Downsizing, Small Spaces, Home Organization, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Basement Organization & Decluttering, Attics, Packing & Unpacking Services, Pantries, Office Organization, Move-ins, Estate Organizing, Move-outs, Kitchens, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Small Business is © Copyright Sudden Ventures, Inc. ( 0.177 secs on 09/20/19)

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