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Catherine Feltz 630-453-2582

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Open Space Organizing will help you create a relaxed, orderly atmosphere in your home, business or home office. Open Space Organizing specializes in reducing clutter, repurposing, and recycling items no longer needed while providing support and encouragement to make those hard decisions. Even the most organized person can become overwhelmed at times due to life events. Open Space Organizing can help you stop losing time, regain control of your space and establish an organizational system that lasts. Open your possibilities with Open Space Organizing!

Highlights for this Wheaton, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Consignment Referrals And Consultation., Basement Organization & Decluttering, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Tips For Maintaining Organization, Relocation, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Professional Organizer, Recycling, Game & Play Rooms, Pantry Organization, Organizer, Small Business, Purging Closets & Drawers, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Bedrooms, Small Spaces, Organization, Living Room and Home Organization.

Organized Solutions LLC

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Peace of mind is now within reach! As certified Professional Organizers our passion is creating organized solutions that simplify your life and save you time, energy, and money. We love creating organized solutions for every budget! We’ll help you to identify your needs and wants to simplify your space, and then make it a reality. Once your space is organized, you will be amazed at the time, energy, and money you can save. Call to set up your Organizing Session now - we look forward to organizing with you.

Highlights for this Wheaton Professional Organizer include: Home Office Organization, Closet Systems, Consultations For Do-It-Youself, Professional Labeling, Moving, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Estate Organizing, Non-profit Organizations, Moving Support, Move-ins & Move-outs, Artist Studio Organization, Small Spaces, Labeling, Offices, Messy Houses, Holiday Decor & Storage, Bedrooms, Green and Eco-Friendly Organizing, Game & Play Rooms and Photo Organization.

Destination Organization

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Our specialties:
Helping over committed families find peace and relaxation through organization. You have your hand in many activities, you want less stress, more time, want to stop wasting money and maybe find your phone! Together we can simplify your life by clearing the clutter and organizing closets, kitchen, entry area, home office, toys, bedrooms and more. We create custom organizational solutions for each client.

Coaching busy professionals and entrepreneurs to become more productive at work. Are you a slave to email? Always on the clock? Feeling stressed? Increasing your productivity at work can reduce costs, increase your bottom line and restore work-life balance. Invest in yourself and your career and make a positive impact on your profitabil (cont'd)

Highlights for this Wheaton, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Personal Coaching, Paperwork Organization & Management, Decluttering & Reorganization, Pantry Organization, Virtual Organizing, Students, Craft Rooms, Productivity & Time Management Coaching, Game & Play Rooms, Teens, Furniture Placement Consulting, Short Term Or Long Term Help, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Organizing And Decorating Using What You Already Have, Organizer, Small Business, Bathrooms, Residential Organizing And Downsizing and Purging Closets & Drawers.

Alice M. Clark 630-699-7810

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Do you have a sense of peace and order when you look around your garage, bedroom, closet or basement or office? Are you able to find what you need when you want it? Do you enjoy sorting through items, papers or clothes to decide what to keep, donate or throw away? If you answered "no" to any or all of these, my skills and services as a Professional Organizer might be exactly what you need.

Most of us hire someone to cut our hair, do our taxes, clean our chimney, install windows or put down a new floor. These skills and abilities do not come easily to all people. Or sometimes we don't have the time to learn them. Organization is not a natural skill to all people.

I would love to talk with you for a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs, your hopes and goals. Call me (cont'd)

Highlights for this Wheaton Professional Organizer include: Listen To Clients' Needs And Concerns, Home Staging (Homes for Sale), Space Planning, Combined / Blended Households, Work With Client To Find Other Needed Professionals, Living Room, Packing & Unpacking Services, Pantry Organization, Relocation, Large And Small Areas, Find Unique Systems For Client, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Scrapbook Organization, Organizer, Teens, Reuse, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Filing & Storage Systems, Bedrooms and Residential Organizing.

Wendy Einspar

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At Einspar Daily Money Management we can organize your home and your life! Organizing can be fun and stress-free!!
When we step into a role of Professional Organizer, we become a consultant, coach, mentor, adviser and a therapist. We take on a certain responsibility and it's never about us; it's about our clients that we serve and help. My role as a Professional Organizer is to help my Clients and assure them that we can provide the best service and the best solution for them. No judgment but simply helping clients like you, with an understanding that most clients are overwhelmed and stressed already.

I am here for you at every step of the project with a simple message and promise- "It will change your life!!"

I provide all types of organizing( closets, room by room, basements, (cont'd)

Highlights for this Wheaton, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Small Spaces, Small Business, Quickbooks Certified, Office Organization, AADMM, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Children's Rooms, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Bathrooms, Member Of NAPO, Home Organization, Paperwork Organization & Management, Professional Organizer, Organizer, Pantry Organization, Personal Shopping, Home Office Organization, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Bedrooms and Kitchen Organizing.

Clutter Be Gone, Inc.

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Clutter Be Gone, Inc. provides comprehensive organizing, downsizing, and home staging services customized to your personal needs. Servicing the Chicago area and western suburbs. We are insured and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. Founded in 2009, our vision is a life for you where your mind is free of the guilt, stress and frustration that disorganization and clutter bring. We work with you to identify the cause of the situation, build a customized process, and teach you skills that allow you to control the multitude of paper, things and habits which created the clutter – for today and tomorrow. The end result of our working relationship is a confident you -- no longer controlled by, but no (cont'd)

Highlights for this Wheaton Professional Organizer include: Furniture Placement Consulting, Craft Rooms, Organizing And Decorating Consultant, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Bedrooms, Home Office Organization, Move-ins, Living Room, Small Business, Decluttering & Reorganization, Professional Organizer, Paperwork Organization & Management, Provides Process Consultation To Help You Maintain An Organized, Game & Play Rooms, Space Repurposing, Purging Closets & Drawers, National Assoc. of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Member, Financial Organizing, Laundry Rooms and Closet Organizing & Cleaning.

All Squared Away: Profesional Organizing

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved organizing. When I was a child, I played library and post office in my room. As an adult, I became a management consultant and organizational development specialist, helping companies and employees to become more efficient and better organized.

Through the years, family and friends asked if I would be willing to help them declutter their space and create organizational systems that could be maintained by everyone in the house. Recently, I decided to turn my passion into a business. My dream is to help you reclaim your space!

Whether you just need help getting back on track, are adding a new family member, have recently moved, or have experienced a death in the family, let us work alongside you to get things all squared away. We focus on us (cont'd)

Highlights for this Wheaton, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Home And Office Organization, Nursery Set-Ups, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Kitchen Organizing, Children's Rooms, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Attics, Downsizing, Bathrooms, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Pantry Organization, Office Organization, Relocation, Bedrooms, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Professional Organizer, Organization and Estate Organizing.

The Clutter Coach


***NOTE: If you click or have clicked on my listing, please do not submit an inquiry using the form (The Clutter Coach will not receive it). Instead, to contact The Clutter Coach, please call or send email through their web site at http://www.thecluttercoach.com.

The main goal of The Clutter Coach is to help individuals lower their stress levels and simplify their lives by helping them gain more control over their household and business environments. They work with people one-on-one to help them organize their homes and offices. The owner, Barbara Tischler, also regularly gives organizi (cont'd)

Highlights for this Wheaton Professional Organizer include: Laundry Rooms, Space Planning, On-Going Support And Maintenance Services, Wardrobe, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Sorting, Home Organization, Scrapbook Organization, Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Workshops, Space Usage, Extreme Clutter, Filing & Storage Systems, Staying Organized, Residential Organizing, I've Seen Every Level Of Disorganization And I'll Work With You, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Meal Planning, Office Organization and Staging For Living.

Declare Order Professional Organizing

2 miles from Wheaton, IL

Is the condition of your home causing unnecessary stress? You can Declare Order in a closet, bedroom, laundry room - any space in your home that is no longer functioning efficiently. All you have to do is make the decision to take back control!

Restore Order - Improve Productivity - Achieve Simplicity

Leslie's goal for Declare Order Professional Organizing is to meet your organizing needs quickly and with a positive spin. She has a variety of colorful solutions and is well-prepared and efficient when working in your home. Let her know how she can be of service to you!

Highlights for this Winfield, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Personal Assistant, Living Room, Consultations For Do-It-Youself, Craft Rooms, Students, Non-profit Organizations, Sorting, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Organizing And Decorating Using What You Already Have, Residential Organizing, One Room Or The Whole House, Short Term Or Long Term Help, Children's Rooms, I Work In The Whole House If Necessary., Event Planning, Move-ins, Organization, Decluttering & Reorganization, Packing & Unpacking Services and Laundry Rooms.

Cynthia J. Boyd of Glen Ellyn Home Staging

3 miles from Wheaton, IL

Home Staging, Interior Design and space planning.

Highlights for this Glen Ellyn Professional Organizer include: Baby Boomer Downsizing, Space Planning and Home Staging (Homes for Sale).

Audrey's Home Organizing

6 miles from Wheaton, IL

I'm a stay at home mom who has a passion for organizing. I can help you create peace in any room of your home, remove the clutter & set up organizational systems customized to you that are easy to maintain. Are you going to move & are feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job ahead? Have you just moved & don't know where to start unpacking? I can help you go through your current home, remove unwanted items, set up an organized move & assist you in putting everything away in a logical place in your new home. Being organized allows you to save time & money, as well as creating a bit o (cont'd)

Highlights for this Naperville, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Kitchen Organizing, Professional Organizer, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Bathrooms, Holiday Decor & Storage, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Residential Organizing, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Decluttering & Reorganization, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Home Office Organization, Move-ins, Craft Rooms, Bedrooms, Home Organization, Organizer, Packing & Unpacking Services, Laundry Rooms and Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions).

Organizing Werks

6 miles from Wheaton, IL

Organizing Werks provides Residential Organizing, Downsizing and Concierge Services in the Chicagoland area. For more information go to www.organizingwerks.com or call me at to set up a free consultation.

Highlights for this Naperville Professional Organizer include: Craft Rooms, Organizing Workshops, Paperwork Organization & Management, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Chronic Disorganization Expertise, Hoarding Specialist (Cleanup, Coaching), Small Spaces, Pantry Organization, Personal Shopping, Move-ins, Kitchen Organizing, Home Organization, Coordinating Dual Residences, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Memorabilia Storage, Space Planning, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Bathrooms, Estate Organizing and Closet Organizing & Cleaning.

Emily Wright

6 miles from Wheaton, IL

I am a great organizer of office spaces, closets, and shelves. I am able to consult with the costumer if they need to trash, sell, or keep their items. I am actually able to make the costumer money by helping them sell unwanted items on ebay.

Highlights for this Naperville, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Teens, Personal Shopping, Pantry Organization, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Office Organization, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Bathrooms, Move-outs, I Can Work With My Client To Create The Best Soulution For THEM., Move-ins, Space Planning, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Kitchen Organizing, Craft Rooms, Bedrooms and Scrapbook Organization.

Hire Order

6 miles from Wheaton, IL

Hire Order provides organizing services for cluttered homes and home offices. We help our clients live more productive lives by assiting in the process of removing access items and then organizing the items kept, whether it be in the kitchen, closet, office, or anywhere in between.

Organized Solutions by Kristin Leigh

9 miles from Wheaton, IL

Organized Solutions by Kristin Leigh is a professional service committed to helping busy individuals, families, and small business owners gain back freedom from clutter. We offer home and small office organizing: closet, pantry, kitchen, bedroom, garage, paper, photos, digital files, etc. We also offer packing and donation services.

Highlights for this Bartlett Professional Organizer include: Small Business, Purging Closets & Drawers, Organizing And Decorating Consultant, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Holiday Decor & Storage, Kitchen Organizing, Life's Transitions, Pantry Organization, Personal Shopping, Paperwork Organization & Management, Teens, Short Term Or Long Term Help, Home And Office Organization, Sorting, Large And Small Areas, Move-outs, Digital Files, Home Office Organization, Organization and Attics.

The De-Clutter Box Organizing & Moving Sale Services

9 miles from Wheaton, IL

Since 1994, The De-Clutter Box has been helping those overwhelmed with too much stuff by setting up Systems, Maximizing Space and setting Limits. They offer assistance to meet all your organizing needs. Owner and Professional Organizer, Kim Cosentino and her team work one-on-one with their clients to help them gain control and maintain their environment. Whatever your area of concern, they not only suggest solutions to help you de-clutter, organize and give each area of your life a home, but also give you the keys to maintain the systems set up. You will go from OVERWHELMED TO OVERJOYED with w (cont'd)

Highlights for this Westmont, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Public Speaking, Kitchen Organizing, Space Planning, Non-profit Organizations, Staging For Living, Personal Shopping, Small Business, Move-outs, Home Organization, Coordinating Dual Residences, Filing & Storage Systems, Relocation, Students, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Office Organization, Bedrooms and Small Spaces.

Bloom Organizing

9 miles from Wheaton, IL

My goal is to help you and your family become organized and learn the skills you need to stay organized. I can help you create reachable goals based on your vision of how you want your space to look and function. I will help you stay motivated through the process and teach you the skills to stay organized.​

Please contact me if you have any questions, doubts, or worries. Inviting someone into your home who will handle and sort your personal items and important documents is a big decision. I honor the trust that my clients place in me very seriously. A phone call is a good place to sta (cont'd)

Highlights for this Elmhurst Professional Organizer include: Small Spaces, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Laundry Rooms, Recycling, Move-outs, Paperwork Organization & Management, Holiday Decor & Storage, Pantry Organization, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Home Office Organization, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Office Organization, Bathrooms, Organizer, Combined / Blended Households, Craft Rooms, Children's Rooms, Filing & Storage Systems, Residential Organizing And Downsizing and Senior Downsizing & Transitioning.

Maria Arsenijevich

9 miles from Wheaton, IL

Clearing Chaos provides professional organizing services and a compassionate crew for estate clearing (our specialty), relief from chronic hoarding, de-cluttering, downsizing and we run estate sales.

My hospice volunteer background has given me a unique perspective when working with seniors.

For over 5 years, my crew and I, have had the honor of helping seniors and their families when:
- A loved one needs to move or has passed away.
- The house needs to be cleared out for selling.
- The house, attic and garage are stuffed with things that need to be sorted first.
- You want to re-cla (cont'd)

Highlights for this Elmhurst, Illinois Professional Organizer include: National Assoc. of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Member, Consignment, Relocation, Green and Eco-Friendly Organizing, Decluttering & Reorganization, Downsizing, Member Of Institute For Challenging Disorganization, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Elmhurst Chamber Of Commerce Member, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Public Speaking, Hoarding Specialist (Cleanup, Coaching), Recycling, Estate Organizing, Golden Circle (5 Years In Business) Member Of NAPO, Former Hospice Volunteer and Move-ins & Move-outs.


10 miles from Wheaton, IL

Remedease is a holistic professional organizing and life management service. We are dedicated to motivating you to clear not just your external but also your internal clutter. Focusing on clutter robs you from spending time on things that really matter and causes you to feel guilty or inadequate for not doing the things that fill you mind with "shoulds". Thoughts like "I should clean up or I should be organized," will not help you achieve your goal.

With 15 years of experience and certificates in the study of Chronic Disorganization; speaker, author, President and CEO Fran Piekarski, leads (cont'd)

Highlights for this Saint Charles Professional Organizer include: Children's Rooms, Kitchen Organizing, National Assoc. of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Member, Offices, Organization, Tips For Maintaining Organization, Staying Organized Support, Moving, Homework Organization, Wardrobe Consulting, Memorabilia Storage, Phone Sessions, Packing & Unpacking Services, Residential Organizing, ADD/ADHD Expertise, Pantry Organization, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Recycling And Donating Services, We Speak English and Chronic Disorganization Expertise.

Kristin Kentra

10 miles from Wheaton, IL

Organization services for the busy professional, new mom, college student, or elderly. Prepare for home sale with decluttering and staging services.

Highlights for this Hinsdale, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Personal Shopping, Bathrooms, Organizing And Decorating Consultant, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Bedrooms, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Teens, Game & Play Rooms, Home Staging (Homes for Sale), Wardrobe Consulting, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Tips For Maintaining Organization, Filing & Storage Systems, Paperwork Organization & Management, Holiday Decor & Storage, Professional Organizer, Children's Rooms, Life's Transitions, Interior Design & Re-design and Staging For Living.

Spotless Cleaning

10 miles from Wheaton, IL

At Spotless Cleaning we understand that your time is valuable, and cleaning your home or office is the last thing you want to do in your free time. We specialize in taking this worry out of your mind and into our hands. We not only provide excellent, professional house cleaning, maid services, but also peace of mind, so you can spend your time enjoying the more important things in life.

Highlights for this Hinsdale Professional Organizer include: Move-ins, Bathrooms, Kitchen Organizing, House Cleaning Service, Bedrooms, Move-outs and Home Organization.

Burnham Creative Group LLC

11 miles from Wheaton, IL

Tell Your Stories TODAY!

As a photo and media curator, I help clients organize printed and digital photo and media collections, install backup systems, create photo books and albums, and scan and digitize slides and other obsolete media.

Whether you are a scrapbooker or someone that simply needs to organizer your digital files, I can help you find the solution that best suits your needs. We will turn your piles of photos, slides or disorganized files on your phone, cameras or computer into memories you can share now and into the future.

I am here to help ensure that you accomplish (cont'd)

Highlights for this Batavia, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Scrapbook Organization, Media Organizing, Photo Organizing, Home Movie Conversions To Digital, Memorabilia Storage, Public Speaking, Photo And Slide Scanning and Recycling.

I Organize U

11 miles from Wheaton, IL

This is a professional organizing business that serves both residential and business organizing needs.We help with organizing spaces, downsizing and moving needs, and computer and digital file organization.

Highlights for this Geneva Professional Organizer include: Memorabilia Storage, Space Planning, Pantry Organization, Coordinating Dual Residences, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Bedrooms, Packing & Unpacking Services, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Estate Organizing, Move-ins, Productivity & Time Management Coaching, Home Office Organization, Relocation, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Non-profit Organizations, Paperwork Organization & Management, Small Business, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning and Email Management.

In Divine Order, Inc.

12 miles from Wheaton, IL

Effective organizing is more than an event,
it’s a lifestyle change. Our team of professionals specialize in developing customized organizational solutions for home and office environments. Perhaps more importantly, we teach individuals how to
sustain organizing success by getting to root-causes of clutter with effective, realistic and cost-effective solutions.
We promise to utilize our skills and resources to leave your space In Divine Order.

Cherie Jones

13 miles from Wheaton, IL

Hi, my name is Cherie and I would like to help you get organized! I have been helping people with their organizing, home staging, and redesign needs for over five years. My passion for organizing and decorating, allows me the opportunity to do what I love; help people take charge of their lives and get organized. I believe there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. My formal organizing and real estate staging training is from Harper College. I provide services in residential and commercial areas and specialize in space organization, clutter control, senior downsiz (cont'd)

Highlights for this Elgin, Illinois Professional Organizer include: Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Decluttering & Reorganization, Living Room, Small Spaces, Furniture Placement Consulting, Home Staging (Homes for Sale), Purging Closets & Drawers, Home Office Organization, Organizing Workshops, Packing & Unpacking Services, Downsizing, On-Going Support And Maintenance Services, Space Repurposing, Kitchen Organizing, Residential Organizing, Move-ins & Move-outs, Moving Planning & Preparation, Laundry Rooms and One Room Or The Whole House.

Amara Eddington

13 miles from Wheaton, IL


Highlights for this Bellwood Professional Organizer include: Professional Organizer, Home Organization, Large And Small Areas, Space Repurposing, Elmhurst, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Chicago, Team Organizing, Purging Closets & Drawers, Organizing Workshops, Small Business, One Room Or The Whole House, Oak Park, Email Management, Inventory, Decluttering & Reorganization, Relocation, Household Management Coaching, Custom Closet Design and Bellwood.

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