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Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.

How do you envision your space? Is it peaceful?

Decluttering and Organizing spaces can lead you to feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to start, and uncertain if you have enough time to get it all done.

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Kathleen MacAinsh
Kitchener, ON

Stressed by clutter? Let's make your dreams of an easy to maintain, organized space, come true!

Organizing your home can spread order to every area of your life. Giving you both physical and mental space for what matters most to you.

Get the o... See More

Highlights: Paperwork Organization & Management, Decluttering & Reorganization, Downsizing, Home Offices, Large And Small Areas, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Bedrooms, Small Spaces, Kitchens, Accountability And On-going Maintenance Support, Living Room, Custom Storage And Design, Office Organization, DIY Plans, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Craft Rooms, Public Speaking, Filing & Storage Systems, Combined / Blended Households, Children's Rooms
In Order Co.
Kitchener, ON

In Order Co. is a full-service professional organizing company based in Guelph and Kitchener, Ontario. We specialize in organizing, downsizing and moving support. We take pride in making people’s homes and businesses incredibly functional and beaut... See More

Highlights: Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Relocation, Estate Organizing, Personal Shopping, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Office Organization, Bathrooms, Memorabilia Storage, Productivity & Time Management Coaching, Craft Rooms, Small Spaces, Move-ins, Coordinating Dual Residences, Decluttering & Reorganization, Downsizing, Organizing Workshops, Home Organization, Students, Home Offices, Children's Rooms
Top-Notch Concierge
Kitchener, ON

Would you like to make your home more functional and organized but don't have enough time to do it all or not sure where to begin? Allow us to help you with home organization services that will work for you.

Hi, we're Maggie and Rick and making y... See More

Highlights: Living Room, Home Offices, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Move-ins, Personal Shopping, Bathrooms, Small Business, One Room Or The Whole House, Office Organization, Children's Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Coordinating Dual Residences, Downsizing, Packing & Unpacking Services, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Residential Organizing, Relocation, Large And Small Areas
Adeilah Dahlke
Kitchener, ON

Jigsaw Organizing Solutions is a company based out of Kitchener-Waterloo that is here to help you make the most out of your time and space!

Adeilah Dahlke is a Trained Professional Organizer, with a lifelong passion for helping find solutions for ... See More

Settled In
9 miles from Kitchener, ON

Are you struggling to get your home organized in a way that works for your family and is easy to maintain? Do you have an upcoming move and would like someone to help you pack or unpack?

Settled In is the help you've been looking for! We can hel... See More

Highlights: Decluttering & Reorganization, Custom Storage And Design, Move-outs, Move-ins, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Packing & Unpacking Services, Residential Organizing, Home Organization, Downsizing, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning
Harmonious Spaces
9 miles from Kitchener, ON

Professional Organizing, Estate Organizing and Home Staging services offered. Over 10 years in business with residential clients. Harmonious Spaces offers a confidential, non-judgmental approach to helping people conquer the clutter that has taken ... See More

Highlights: Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Decluttering & Reorganization, Small Spaces, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Downsizing, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Bathrooms, Organizing Workshops, Public Speaking, Space Planning, Pantries, Attics, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Kitchens, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Residential Organizing, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Home Offices, Bedrooms
19 miles from Kitchener, ON

We are a local Brantford company with a passion for helping our neighbours complete odd jobs around the house!

Is it time to move your furniture out of mom's house?
Is your space in need of some organizing?
Is your wife asking abou... See More

Highlights: Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Move-outs, Move-ins, Recycling, Home Staging (Homes for Sale), Office Organization, Space Planning, Paperwork Organization & Management, Building, Home Offices, Packing & Unpacking Services, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Public Speaking, Assembling, Removing, Small Business, Fixing, Total House Organization And De-cluttering

Let 2020 be the year that you decide to get all things organized. Its the perfect time! We can start off by getting all the seasonal decorations arranged and put away. Once the space is empty, we can get to work. I offer sue-lutions that work fo... See More

Highlights: Attics, Filing & Storage Systems, Children's Rooms, Home Offices, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Paperwork Organization & Management, Recycling, Space Planning, Kitchens, Teens, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Bathrooms, Living Room, Holiday Decor & Storage, Decluttering & Reorganization, Pantries, Coordinating Dual Residences, Home Organization, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions), Residential Organizing
27 miles from Kitchener, ON

I can tackle just about every type of job you have, no matter how big or small it may be. I will help you to rearrange, declutter, and facilitate systems throughout your home. I’m committed to providing a consistently reliable service in a timel... See More

Highlights: Bathrooms, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Combined / Blended Households, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Decluttering & Reorganization, Downsizing, Relocation, Pantries, Kitchens, Move-ins, Packing & Unpacking Services, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Attics, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Craft Rooms, Space Planning, Living Room, Large And Small Areas, Garage Organization (Cleaning, Storage Solutions)
Organized Solutions
32 miles from Kitchener, ON

Struggling to keep up? No time or energy to get it all done? You're not alone. Many of us feel the stress of clutter. If you're overwhelmed by your stuff and don't know where to start, we can help. Just tell us what you'd like done and we will make i... See More

Highlights: Messy Houses, Packing & Unpacking Services, Residential Organizing, Bathrooms, Short Term Or Long Term Help, Recycling, Children's Rooms, Craft Rooms, Corporations, Space Planning, Organizing Workshops, Estate Organizing, Large And Small Areas, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Attics, Pantries, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Professional Labeling, Combined / Blended Households
Organize Me Please
32 miles from Kitchener, ON

Organize Me Please presents the 4 hour decluttering & energizing session for only $225 + hst.

Spring is coming ...... are you ready?

Just pick one or two rooms in your home where clutter has taken over. In 3 hours, together we will roll up ou... See More

Highlights: Clutter Elimination & Coaching, Moving and Packing, Estate Organizing, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Residential Organizing, Life's Transitions, Moving Planning & Preparation, Relocation, Senior Move Manager, Personal Shopping, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Tips For Maintaining Organization, Residential Organizing And Downsizing, Senior Downsizing & Transitioning, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Packing & Unpacking Services, Downsizing, Move-ins & Move-outs, One Room Or The Whole House, Basement Organization & Decluttering
Jamie Wild
33 miles from Kitchener, ON

Are you ready to heal your home?

Wildly Clean offers a compassionate approach to home organization with a focus on encouragement and transformation. Regardless of your circumstances, my job is to evoke a feeling of relief and excitement while I'm... See More

Highlights: Under-the-Sink Healing, Total House Organization And De-cluttering, Closet Healing, Housekeeping, Room Re-Imagination, Virtual Organizing, Important Paper Organization, Closet Makeovers
Organized Transitions
33 miles from Kitchener, ON

Organized Transitions is a team of professional organizers specially in move management, relocation, downsizing and organizing services in Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton, Oakville, Waterdown and surrounding areas. Established in 2010, Organiz... See More

Highlights: Packing & Unpacking Services, Moving and Packing, Basement Organization & Decluttering, Certified Relocation And Transition Specialist (CRTS), Sorting, Moving Planning & Preparation, Relocation, Downsizing, Laundry Rooms, Coordinating Dual Residences, On-Going Support And Maintenance Services, Bathrooms, Baby Boomer Downsizing, Children's Rooms, Decluttering & Reorganization, Move-outs, Attics, Move-ins, Closet Organizing & Cleaning, Holiday Decor & Storage
Straight Up Spaces
33 miles from Kitchener, ON

Let’s be honest . Do you ever;

Worry about downsizing an ageing parent?

• Wonder if you’ll have time to organize your parents things?
• Get halfway through it and run out of time or energy?
• Realize that they have just too much s... See More

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